Journal of Agriculture & Life Sciences

ISSN 2375-4214 (Print), 2375-4222 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/jals

Thermography Applied in Health: Clinical Case of Physical Rehabilitation
Vázquez Cid de León Carlos, Montesinos González Salvador, Ramírez Castillo Eric Amín, Guzmán Jacinto Guadalupe, Vázquez Arango María de Lourdes

Infrared thermography is a non-invasive tool that allows taking real-time images in a safe and cost-effectively way. This paper aims to describe the infrared thermography applied in health as a tool for monitoring and evaluation of physical rehabilitation. The techniques, instrumentation, and exercises used in polytraumatized patient rehabilitation are presented. The main materials employed are two thermal-imaging cameras, ultrasound and electro-stimulator. The methods employed are infrared thermography and physiotherapy. Assessment of thermograms allows proposal performance indicators useful to identify the effectiveness of the physical therapy. Is concluded that infrared thermography is great technical support to monitoring and evaluation of physiotherapy patients for physical rehabilitation.

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