Journal of Agriculture & Life Sciences

ISSN 2375-4214 (Print), 2375-4222 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/jals

Lion (Panthera Leo) Feces Deter Passage of Sika Deer (Cervus Nippon)
Shingo Ohashi, Chiaki Nishi, Yoshitaka Deguchi, Hisayoshi Kofujita, Kazuei Matsubara, Rikio Takase, Takuo Murakami

We tested whether lion (Panthera leo) feces, the extract of lion feces, the extract of dried lion feces, and the fractions separated from the extract could have a repellent effect on sika deer (Cervus nippon). Two gates were set up in an experimental pen of sika deer and one of the two gates was treated with either lion feces, feces extract, or fractions separated from the feces extract, and the number of passages of sika deer through the gate was counted. The sika deer decreased the number of passages through the treated gates, indicating that lion feces acted as a repellent to deter the movement of the deer. Based on gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis, the major constituents of the most effective fraction, which was separated from the extract of dried lion feces, were fatty acids, aliphatic alcohols, aliphatic aldehydes, fatty acid amides, and steroids.

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