Journal of Agriculture & Life Sciences

ISSN 2375-4214 (Print), 2375-4222 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/jals

Personality Traits for the Majority of Paddy Farmers, in Mada, Kedah, Malaysia
Salim Hassan, Siti Nur Syarafina Abdullah

The aim of this study is to describe the traits for the majority of paddy farmers; to determine the correlation between the traits for the majority of paddy farmers with the performance; and to identify the strengths of the traits correlation with the performance for the majority of paddy farmers. The study has been conducted in one of Malaysia's paddy granaries, MADA. A total of 146 farmers, with the range of production yield of 4 to 6 metric tons per hectare were randomly selected as respondents. All data were analyzed by using SPSS version 21.0, with the analysis of descriptive, correlation and regression. The study found seven (7) traits of the majority paddy farmers such as: willingness to take risks, information seekers, problem solving ability, willingness to spend on capital, extensive network of information, dare to make decisions, and highly disciplined. All these traits have positive correlation with the performance. The strength of traits correlation for the majority of paddy farmers with varied performance, Highly disciplined was the personality trait that has strong and significant correlation with the performance. While the other traits such as, information seekers, willingness to spend capital, extensive network of information and dare to make decisions have moderate correlations with the performance. The appropriate development programs are required to be implemented in order to enhance the ability for the majority of paddy farmers so that they can contribute to the improved performance results.

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